Inherently, schools have tended to modify rather than transform.  As educational leaders and theories change, schools are left with sediment of partial designs from different regimes.  A thorough examination of a school system would look more like an archeological dig with layers of unrelated remains deposited in fossilized operational routines.  P-Metrx provides a unique opportunity to fundamentally change how schools operate, changing the operational boundaries through design and strategic alignment.  Redesign is seen as addressing every detail of a school's operation to include instruction, curriculum, daily schedule, operational management, motivational strategies, data systems, professional development and communication in addition to performance assessments. 
Schools must challenge the validity of everything.  This begins with systematic and robust methods to challenging the legacy of traditional routines, all sensory perceptions and the many cultural presuppositions that has influenced educational theory.  This approach is to counter the circular reasoning that has dominated educational reform efforts for the past half century.  Circular reasoning is the informal fallacy of assuming the accuracy of one hypothesis based upon the assumed legitimacy of other associated outcomes.  Evaluation systems that measure outcomes without quantifying contributing causes lack the analytical competence to improve overtime. 
All factors to realize a measurable goal can now be objectively quantified to include management operations, instruction, resources, etc.  P-Metrx provides web-supported reports and charts containing up-to-date analysis information.  Access to on-line school data is provided using User Identification codes.  P-Metrx is tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual environment.  Performance metrics are aligned to management goals, mission and strategies, seeking to improve individual as well as organizational efficiency.  Its design requires an approach that takes into account legal and regulatory requirements as well as the organization’s operational objectives and needs, making the appropriate links to corollary systems necessary to achieve strategic alignment.  P-Metrx provides continuous review and oversight and an analysis capacity that is able to quickly determine what works and where immediate attention is needed. Standardized evaluation criteria allow analysis sufficient to substantiate stated hypotheses and justify general conclusions drawn, the foundation of scientific research.