The Fifth House, Inc. is a Performance Analysis & Assessment Company specializing in various aspects of educational design and management to include curriculum development, performance assessment, training and consultation in Quality Management, Human Resource Development, Educational Assessment, Organizational Design, Metric Applications, etc.  We are introducing innovative concepts to enhance individual performance in any environment and the ability to quantify human development through objective outcome analysis.  At the heart of this initiative is the development of practical applications that would allow the analysis and assessment of individual performance aligned with organizational goals and objectives, regardless of the environment or factors of influence.
The Fifth House, Inc. is introducing five major management / assessment projects to the educational / business markets based upon a Quality-based management and assessment approach that supports comprehensive operational planning and analysis.
e-DX is a computer-based Growth-Model student evaluation system that is able to track student growth, identify patterns of resistance and isolate the individual needs and talents of students. This is based upon the measure of student development to a defined goal, allowing the quantified determination of all factors that impact achievement. The program is also able to integrate management and administrative functions into a synergetic governing strategy along with a myriad of other associated measures.  e-DX provides a comprehensive school management criteria as outlined in federally defined "School-wide” Programs.  e-DX provides a "whole-person" student evaluation capability as a comprehensive approach to school-reform along with the analysis and support needed to dramatically impact education in the U. S.
P-Metrx will enable any organization to apply quantified values to all management operations and environmental influences, assessing their impact on the organization’s ability to achieve intended results.  P-Metrx assesses the effectiveness of the organization’s management system through an analysis of process results to determine the degree to which approaches are systematic, completely integrated and aligned to established goals.  This allows a determination of the capability and relationship of all management operations.  This is supported by clearly defined Standards of Operation, serving as a guide to form normative performance measures.  The rationale of any competent management evaluation strategy is to identify and verify links throughout the organization to determine the Process Capability of all internal operational processes.  Sub-standards are comprised primarily of cost, schedule and performance efficiency, etc., independently and inter-dependently assessed in meeting specific requirements.  All of the above are aligned to common core performance standards and appropriately designed metric applications.

The Fifth House, inc. is dedicated to becoming a benchmark analysis and assessment company through the continued promotion of concepts and analysis products that are relevant and in demand by those we serve. We enter the market determined to improve the industry through innovative analysis and assessment concepts along with advanced, computer-based management applications. We will break existing paradigms and establish new benchmarks in human development and assessment programming by employing Quality-based Management principles, the concept of Metrics in performance planning and a myriad of proven business applications to all functional markets.