• Reveals the distinctive talents of individual students and the effects of instructional practices on their development.
  • Computer technology aids teachers in the administration of their duties, resource alignment, cross-functional student development strategies, advanced student analysis and assessment features, personalized instructional processes, communication links to all areas of affected domain, etc.
  • Tracks student growth, identifies patterns of resistance, isolates / defines the individual needs of students, integrates management / administrative functions.
  • Analyzes numerous factors of influence; cultural, socio-economic, environmental influences that impact academic outcomes.
  • Allows a determination of the efficiency of each instructional effort, providing a quantified assessment of Outcomes met / unmet throughout the Scope & Sequence.
  • Continuous student assessment towards (clearly defined) developmental goals.
  • A value-added student assessment approach using measurements independent of traditional age and grade tracking modalities, suitable for any environment.
  • Automates recognition of needs, preferred teaching style / learning preferences, etc
  • Individualized rates of learning, strategies targeting preferred learning styles of students
  • Makes appropriate curriculum selections through individualized instructional strategies
  • Recognizes factors that impact student development, isolates specific patterns of resistance and analyzes performance / behavioral changes, making an immediate association to student gains, essential to learning styles analysis.
  • Internet development and the introduction of hand-held student assessment devices.
  • The import and export of data through Internet allows direct communication with teachers, parents, community organizations, supporting institutions, etc.
  • Provides a single tool to allow a comprehensive approach to management of the entire learning environment, from any web-enabled computer screen.
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P-Metrx  Management / Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics P-Metrx is a Quality-based management assessment process that will enable any organization to apply quantified values to all management operations and environmental influences, assessing their impact on the organization’s ability to achieve intended results. P-Metrx is not an "Off the Shelf "assessment program, it is tailored to the needs and priorities of each organization.

The Fifth House, Inc. will facilitate the implementation of P- Metrx tailored to the needs of the district and individual schools by providing the following services:

  • Evaluate operational processes, introduce efficient organizational design strategies
  • Identify and align Performance Indicators to stated objectives
  • Facilitate introduction of a Composite of Performance Indicators
  • Introduce Trend Analysis and real-time data capture strategies
  • Develop relationship of Performance Indicators for analysis
  • Introduce basic principles of information and data management
  • Develop Profile criteria / strategies for classification of common operational characteristics
  • Incorporate organization-wide resource analysis format to determine effectiveness of programs, resources, contracted services, etc.
  • Develop evaluation criteria for On-site Review, (pre-planning / formatting)
  • Support P-Metrx on-site evaluations
  • Review and analysis of completed Management assessments
  • Analyze P-Metrx results for presentation into various data formats
  • Develop cross-referencing format and provide Cross-Tell information

The Fifth House, Inc. will assist / facilitate the school's efforts in following areas:

  • Define and quantify goals, requirements and standards
  • Define Standards of Operation for all key management / operational processes
  • Strategic / Improvement / Performance / Tactical Planning
  • Measurement and metric applications ( Primary Performance Indicators)

The Fifth House, Inc. will provide on-going technical support, system upgrades, on-line data analysis along with the following services:

  • on-going review and analysis of P-Metrx evaluation criteria
  • enhanced computer-based administrative processes
  • professional development provided to staff and program administrators
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