Wall Street Whiz stock market simulation is an economic education program that recaptures the Stock Market Crash of 1929 from April 1, 1929 to March 31, 1930. The events surrounding the Crash serve as an ideal model to review many of the extreme aspects of stock market investing. The simulation is an exciting and competitive stock market investment exercise that easily fits into any existing curriculum. The curriculum is extremely flexible and efficient and can be used by social studies, math, or any subject discipline. The simulation will add an interesting element that will excite and motivate students. The subjects addressed are:
  1. Stocks
    1. What are stocks
    2. Legal rights of Stock/Share holders
    3. Income verses Growth stocks
    4. How stock values are determined
    5. Basic stock purchasing philosophies
    6. Stock rating system
    7. Dividends
    8. Initial Public Offering
    9. Stock splits
  1. Brokers
    1. Stockbrokers/Discount Brokers
    2. Margin Accounts
    3. Margin Call
  1. Federal Reserve System
    1. Federal Reserve Banks
    2. Board of Governors
    3. Discount Rate
    4. Functions and responsibilities
  1. Market Indicators
    1. Twelve Leading Indicators
    2. Key Interest Rates
    3. Housing Starts
    4. Durable Goods Orders
    5. Producer Price Index
    6. Consumer Price Index
    7. Gross National Product
    8. Inflation
  1. The Crash of 1929
    1. Factors leading to the crash
    2. Breadth of collapse
    3. Effects on the economy
    4. Recovery efforts
    5. Investor survivability
  1. Key Terms
    1. Tariffs
    2. Supply and Demand
    3. Import/Export
    4. Overvalued/Undervalued
    5. Technical Correction
    6. Bull/Bear Market
    7. laissez-faire
    8. Leverage
    9. Liquidation
    10. Monopoly
    11. Speculation
    12. Portfolio
    13. Prospectus
    14. Collateral
    15. Appreciation
    16. Commodities
    17. Recession/Depression
    18. Technical Correction
Participants of Wall Street Whiz are not only made to understand factors of the market and their cause and effect relationships, but become a part of the period as they begin to understand personalities and the behind the scenes events that influence the market. This is considered by many to be the more important and less understood aspect of stock market analysis. Participants will begin to understand the "Pulse of the Market" and the climate within which all business operates, considered an essential aspect of stock market investing.
The most significant aspect of Wall Street Whiz is that it does not require a structured educational foundation or prior knowledge of any aspect of stock market investing. It will allow a novice of stock market investing to compete with an investment professional with little advantage to experience. This fundamental aspect of Wall Street Whiz is its most significant attribute, allowing anyone to participate, armed with reasoning and the talent of analytical thinking. Its elementary format and detailed application will excite and enhance development in this intriguing field of study. Everyone has been drawn to Wall Street Whiz for its in-depth level of participation and competitive environment, free from the fear of failure.